Interior Consulting

We offer design and styling services for individual rooms and complete homes. Spatial planning, furniture packages, textiles and custom joinery can be designed, delivered and fully installed.

Collaboration With Architect

Can work with your architect on renovations and new builds for all stages of design and material selection.

Materiality & Scheme

Colour and textural palettes can be created and delivered for installation with a fully sourced selection of fittings & finishes.

Room Styling & Dressing

The finishing touch for a room or a complete home. We combine heirloom pieces with curated finds and artworks to reflect the unique personality of the home owner.


Interior Consulting

Distinctive ideas and solutions that integrate form and function in the commercial space. We specialise in hospitality with an objective to enhance the customer experience with thoughtful design.

Creative Direction

A holistic approach to venue and commercial design which integrates interiors, branding and materiality to create a space with visual and customer connection. We can source and brief the most suitable suppliers and artisans.

Custom Designed Furniture & Accessories

Individual furniture, textiles and cabinetry can be designed and manufactured for unique projects that require next level distinction.

Room Styling, Themeing & Softening

The much-needed final layer that gives a finished space character and personality. We source both nostalgic and contemporary pieces and combine elements to create a narrative and customer interest.